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The Atlas of School Building (published in Dutch as Scholenbouwatlas) is a new publication to assist clients, architects and designers in the modification and renovation of primary schools, community schools and children's centre. Many school buildings are now being remodelled in the Netherlands and the Atlas of School Building answers the need for more comprehensive knowledge about the nature of this assignment by providing working examples of modification projects as well as models for inspiration. 100 casestudies. Text contributions by 12 experts. 320 pages. Ca. 800 illustrations, drawings and photographs.

Dolf Broekhuizen (ed.), Scholenbouwatlas. Verbouwen als nieuwe opgave voor basisscholen en kindcentra, nai010 publishers Rotterdam 2015 [Atlas of School Building. Modification of primary schools and children's centres]

In collaboration with: Atelier Rijksbouwmeester, Creative Industries Fund, Delft University of Technology, Ruimte OK, BNA, PO Raad, Architectuur Lokaal.